Potion Lab is an innovative application in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform
that simplifies workflow automation. By setting triggers like file
uploads or project creations, users can activate automated actions
effortlessly. What makes PL unique is its customizable
ingredient selection, enabling users to choose outputs like notifications
or bookmarks.

PL = Potion Lab.

What is Potion Lab?

Potion Lab is a groundbreaking application within the 3DEXPERIENCE
that allows users to automate tasks and processes seamlessly.
Whether you’re managing projects, collaborating with teams, or
optimizing workflows, PL empowers you to streamline your
operations with ease.

How Does Potion Lab Work?

Creating your own “Potion” with Potion Lab is a breeze. You start by
setting a trigger, which can range from a file being uploaded to the cloud
to the creation or termination of a project. This trigger serves as the
catalyst for your automated process, kicking off the magic of PL.

Next, you select the output, known as an ingredient, which determines
what action should occur when the trigger is activated. The possibilities
are endless – from sending notifications and emails to creating a new
bookmark or updating the lifecycle of a component. With up to five
ingredients per Potion, you have the flexibility to tailor your automation
to suit your specific needs.

Empowering Users with Potions:

Potion Lab offers users the remarkable ability to harness the full
potential of automation, placing control firmly in their hands. With each
3DSwym (IFW) role, users are granted the opportunity to craft three
Potions, presenting ample scope to refine their workflows and amplify
productivity levels. This allocation empowers users to tailor automation
to their specific needs, whether it involves simplifying file management,
expediting project processes, or automating communication tasks.

Furthermore, for individuals with the Social Analytics (NBA) role, the
horizon expands exponentially, as they gain access to a generous quota
of 20 Potions. This heightened accessibility not only broadens the scope
of automation but also enables users to delve into more intricate and
expansive automation scenarios. Whether users aim to streamline team
collaboration, optimize data analysis processes, or enhance project
management efficiency, PL equips them with the tools to
transform their workflow landscape and achieve unprecedented levels
of automation prowess.

Benefits of Potion Lab

Increased Efficiency:

Say goodbye to manual tasks and repetitive processes. Potion Lab
automates routine actions, allowing you to focus your time and energy
on more meaningful tasks

Enhanced Collaboration:

With Potion Lab, teams can collaborate more effectively by
automating notifications, updates, and other communications, ensuring
everyone stays in the loop.

Greater Control:

Potion Lab gives you full control over your automation processes.
Easily customize triggers and ingredients to meet your unique
requirements and preferences.

Ready to experience the transformative power of automation? With
PL, you can unlock new levels of efficiency, collaboration, and
control on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Start creating your Potions and
unleash the magic of automation in your workflow.
Revolutionize your workflow on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform? Look no
further than PL, one of the most innovative applications that
can automate large parts of your platform experience. Let’s dive into
how PL can transform the way you work and unleash a world
of possibilities.