Securely Store Design Files and Related Data

What is SOLIDWORKS PDM and Why is it Important?

Intellectual property is a key asset and must be protected to ensure business success and protect innovation. SOLIDWORKS PDM is Product Data Management software and it is a secure digital vault for all CAD and design information.

It is highly advanced and advantageous because

  • Eliminates the need for additional security
  • Provides version control
  • Offers quick retrieval
  • Offers protection against data loss
  • Supports collaborative working

What is the Setup Process Like?

Setting up and getting on with PDM is quite simple. However, if you are having some existing data and a running operation, then you may need help.

SIMTEK, a leading SOLIDWORKS reseller in India can help with the complete deployment and training of SOLIDWORKS PDM. We have in-house experts with years of experience in this domain and offer unmatched support.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Setup process


Revision Control

Revision control is an important part of the design and manufacturing process. SOLIDWORKS PDM helps

  • Maintain revision history and version control
  • Keeps track of changes
  • Ensure the review stage is built into processes

Workflow Communication

Open communication loops are the key to project success and in a post-pandemic world, workflow communication needs to be all the most rigorous. Some salient features include built-in notification systems and the ability to set person-based workflows and notifications.

Multi-User Collaboration

Collaboration and teamwork are the keys to success. But without software to support the same, it will be impossible to achieve even if the intent is right. SOLIDWORKS PDM facilitates collaborative working by allowing multiple users to work on different aspects of the project and assemblies at the same time. It is also easy to track changes made by users easily and any updates are easily checked.

Web Access

With a cloud-based solution, all need for physical servers is eliminated, Further, the system is responsive and mobile-device friendly and hence, it is not necessary to use a desktop system to access. It is also easy for suppliers and outsourced manufacturers to access the design files without a PDM client being installed at their end.

Advanced Searching

Advanced search options save time and it is not necessary to remember complex files names. If you have a rough idea of what you need, our intuitive system will find it for you! With a robust SQL database to support, use any attribute to search and find your needed files.

Reference Management

File location, versioning, and retrieval are related and important. In many projects, more time is wasted in searching for the right file than in working. With SOLIDWORKS PDM, reference management is a breeze.

File Standardization

In many companies, there is no standard naming convention or folder structure. This makes retrieving files near to impossible and involves heavy searching. With PDM, the entire process is streamlined, and one can set user permissions and manage things at a micro level, including who can access what and what type of content will be saved. By ensuring compliance easy working is facilitated and time is spent in design than anything else.

Branch & Merge

When innovation rules the roost, the software must ably support the same. Using the branch and merge option, designers and engineers can open a separate branch based on an existing design and experiment fully in the same without disturbing the original. Then can also choose to merge the same back as an updated version of the product or assembly or leave it to take up its own path search and find your needed files.


What are the system requirements?

Official system requirements will change from release to release, so always be sure to double-check here: . Most customers will have a good-performing environment when the Database Server has 4 CPU cores and 8-16Gb of RAM. For disc space make sure to plan for about 5x of your current dataset for archive server capacity (e.g., if you currently have 100Gb of data you plan to store in the PDM vault, make sure your Archive Server has at least 500Gb capacity).

Do we need Microsoft SQL Server to use SOLIDWORKS PDM?

SOLIDWORKS PDM is utilizes Microsoft® SQL Server to provide high performance and scalability. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard uses SQL Express Edition which is included with the installation files at no additional cost. However, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional requires Microsoft® SQL Server Standard Edition or higher which is not included with the PDM Professional licensing. Potential PDM Professional companies are encouraged to review the SQL Standard Edition licensing needs with their Microsoft Software providers. Simtek can assist in acquiring Microsoft® SQL Server Standard Edition in some cases at an additional cost. Be sure to review the system requirements for compatible SQL Server versions here .

How is PDM different than Dropbox or other file sharing programs?

SOLIDWORKS is a CAD company, and CAD files are complex…Drawings contain Assemblies, Assemblies contain other Assemblies, which in turn contain Parts. SOLIDWORKS PDM understands and manages those relationships natively, so users don’t end up with broken references when moving, renaming, or interacting with files. PDM can “see” and manage the relationships between files, automatically updating file references and BOMs as needed. PDM also utilizes Workflows to provide true revision (not just version ) control over files, as well as implements a detailed security model to ensure the right people have the right access at the right time. Check-In/Check-Out functions eliminate pesky ‘conflicted copies’ often seen with other file-syncing tools. Finally, SOLIDWORKS PDM is designed as a client/server application, not a hosted cloud service; so your data stays within your company’s network.

Can I have other people at my company use SOLIDWORKS PDM? What about people outside my company?

Absolutely, there are different license types available for non-CAD contributors and read-only viewers. PDM can be used independently of your SOLIDWORKS CAD software, and can manage any number of file types. Simply put, it’s not just for engineers! All PDM licenses are floating licenses, meaning anyone who logs in to your system (employees or outside partners) pulls from your pool of available licenses.


File Management
Design and Reuse
Revision Management
Secure File Vaulting

Revision Control

Audit Trail
eDrawings Preview
Integrated Search
Engineering Change Management
Bill of Materials Management
Regulatory Compliance
Enterprise Scalability
Distributed Collaboration
Advanced Search and Favorites
Multi-Document Preview
Automated Neutral File Creation
Serial Number Generators
Custom Configuration
Automated Data Import and Export
Distributed Design Teams
Remote Access
Automated Approval Process
Email Notifications
Project Management
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Item Management
User Tasks
Dashboards and Reports
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