Create Technical Documentation in Parallel with Product Development

What is SOLIDWORKS Composer and Why is it Important?

SOLIDWORKS Composer can quickly reuse any existing 3D design data to create high-quality graphical assets, also allows developing documentation concurrently with product development. Even non-technical users are empowered to create dynamic content. By lowering cost and speeding up time to market, this software ensures that your company emerges as a true winner amidst any challenge.

Any modifications you make to the CAD models in your technical communication deliverables are automatically updated since SOLIDWORKS products are associative. For the first time, you’ll be able to get goods to market faster while ensuring that your paperwork is accurate and of excellent quality. Assembly instructions and work orders are easier to grasp using Composer images and animations. Displaying 3D representations of how your product is created or maintained directly on the shop floor reduces shop floor errors, eliminates language barriers, and greatly reduces localization costs.

Solidworks composer


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