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Who we are

SIMTEK is an authorized reseller of SOLIDWORKS products & 3DEXPERIENCE Works in Chennai, Coimbatore, Kolhapur, and the rest of Tamilnadu & India. We are also renowned for offering engineering solutions to various industries in design, simulation, product data management, manufacturing, reverse engineering, finite element analysis, value engineering, and CAD customizations in India as an electric beehive of ideas.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve worked with a wide range of industries providing strong and transformational solutions, from aerospace to oil and gas, medical equipment to industrial gear, tools, and die designs. This provides us with a wealth of experience to take on any project, provide vital solutions for safe operation, and share our skills through numerous training courses at various levels.

Our high-energy, cross-functional teams combine strategy, execution, and a strong cultural ethos to create compelling solutions for an ever-growing ecosystem of engineering media. We bring quality, integrity, and customer focus to all facets of our operations as an award-winning organization.

SIMTEK has over 1000 customers, including large, medium, and small businesses, for which we have delivered Engineering Design, Manufacturing Service, and CAD/CAM/CAE software solutions.

Authorized SOLIDWORKS Software reseller and Training center in India

Why Us?

VAR technical assistance - SIMTEK SOLIDWORKS reseller in India

Customer centric approach

Best SOLIDWORKS Reseller in Chennai, Coimbatore, Kolhapur, and rest of Tamilnadu & India

Leading Authorized SOLIDWORKS reseller in India with multiple awards to our name

Best engineering consultant services in Tamilnadu

Excellent engineering expertise

SOLIDWORKS reseller in Tamilnadu operates with best cross functional team

Cross functional teams

Customize your SOLIDWORKS software - SIMTEK India

Powerful, elegant and customized solutions

Authorized SOLIDWORKS reseller, training & certification center in India - SIMTEK

All round capabilities including catering to training needs

Engineering Services

CAD Design services - SIMTEK an authorized SOLIDWORKS reseller in India


As a leading Authorized SOLIDWORKS reseller in Tamil Nadu

CAE - finite element analysis services by SIMTEK India


FEA is used to solve complex engineering problems by breaking

SIMTEK Reverse engineering services


SIMTEK, a leading SOLIDWORKS reseller in Chennai brings

Solutions by Industry

SOLIDWORKS solutions to Aerospace & defense industry

Aerospace & Defense

SOLIDWORKS solutions to Energy & materials industry
Energy & Materials

SOLIDWORKS solutions to Government

SOLIDWORKS solutions to High Tech industry

SOLIDWORKS solutions to Home & Lifestyle industry
Home & Lifestyle

SOLIDWORKS solutions to Life science & Healthcare industry

Life Sciences & Healthcare

SOLIDWORKS solutions to Marine & Offshore industry

Marine & Offshore

SOLIDWORKS solutions to Industrial equipment industry
Industrial Equipment Design

SOLIDWORKS solutions to Transportation, automotive & mobility industry
Transportation & Mobility

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