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SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD– The Best Software for Design

If you are an assembly, product or part designer, then SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD is your companion for success. The tool suite is highly intuitive, comprehensive, and intelligent, thereby reducing your effort requirements in designing products, components, parts, assemblies, or anything else! Go on to deliver solutions that reflect the talent and are future-proof in design and operation. We empower you to fly high as you seek to push the limits of 3D modelling design.

SOLIDWORKS 3d cad modelling of Car
SOLIDWORKS 3D cad modelling of engine

Adding Clout to 3D CAD Work

SOLIDWORKS helps add clout to 3D CAD work and empowers users by

  • Supporting 3d printing
  • Offering secure solutions for data
  • Analysis of forces and measurements
  • Analysis for manufacture
  • Validation with FEA and CFD tools
  • Export options for use in different areas
  • Helping build technical documentation

Why Is SOLIDWORKS the Right Choice?

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD is the acclaimed champion in 3D CAD and has an intuitive easy-to-use interface, a superb spread of capabilities and features and ability to be used in multiple projects for different purposes. SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD is often the chosen choice for all design needs, whether large or small enterprises, universities, or technical schools, and the software takes pride in delivering successful solutions on the ground when the plans are turned to reality.

SOLIDWORKS 3d modelling of Daka Sea scooter


Get up to speed quickly with SOLIDWORKS Standard and unlock the benefits of this powerful 3D design solution for the rapid creation of parts, assemblies, and 2D drawings. Application-specific tools for sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, and mold tool and die, make it easy to deliver best-in-class designs.

SOLIDWORKS Professional builds on the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Standard to increase design productivity, with file management tools, advanced photorealistic rendering, automated cost estimation, eDrawings® Professional collaboration capabilities, automated design and drawing checking, plus a components & parts library.

SOLIDWORKS Premium is a comprehensive 3D design solution that adds powerful simulation and design validation to the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Professional, as well as ECAD/MCAD collaboration, reverse engineering, and advanced wire and pipe routing functionality for all types of industry product and part 3D modeling.


Part and Assembly Modeling
2D Drawings
Design Reuse and Automation
Collaborate and Share CAD Data
Interference Check
First-Pass Analysis Tools
CAM Programming (SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard)
*must be current on Support
Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
Productivity Tools
Advanced CAD File Import/Export and Interconnect
CAD Libraries(SOLIDWORKS toolbox)
Design for Cost (SOLIDWORKS costing)
ECAD/MCAD collaboration (CircuitWorks)
CAD Standards Checking (Design Checker)
Collaboration with eDrawings Professional
Automated Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis (TolAnalyst)
Advanced Photorealistic Rendering (SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard)

*must be current on Support

SOLIDWORKS File Management
Reverse Engineering (Scanto3D)
Time-Based Motion Analysis
Linear Static Analysis for Parts and Assemblies
Pipe and Tube Routing
Electrical Cable and Wiring Harness Routing
Advanced Surface Flattening
Rectangular and Other Section Routing
CATIA V5 Import
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