Platform Connected Design with the Power of SOLIDWORKS

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS an accessible design Tool

Whether it is 2D or 3D, go on to collaborate effectively with all your team members to deliver a winning solution. With versioning and intuitive interfaces, switch roles efficiently without losing track of your work. The 3DEXPERIENCE design roles also complement the desktop versions and solutions, thereby offering increased scope and functionality.

The Design roles on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform combine robust 2D and 3D. Teams can design from anywhere and connect remotely with the powerful browser-based design tools found within 3DEXPERIENCE Works. Design anything, anywhere, at any time, and securely share your data with the people.



Access from anywhere with an internet connection

A cloud-based solution means that you have no need to download any software and can work seamlessly 24 × 7 × 365 from anywhere and at any time. Just launch the application and start working!

Robotic leg - 3DEXPERIENCE Design

Top Down Architecture - 3DEXPERIENCE Design

Top-Down Architecture

Versioning the design history means that you can try different combinations and see what works best without losing sight of the ultimate goal. Further, users are empowered to use various components to create the required output like parts, sub-assemblies, etc.


Work seamlessly using your desktop application while also undertaking extensive collaboration on the cloud setup. A single cloud-based location to share, work, update and store means that you have no IT separate IT investments, while collaboration is facilitated and all projects are driven by collaboration and teamwork.


What are the System Requirements for the Design roles?

A device with access to a reliable high-speed internet connection is the only requirement.

Will SOLIDWORKS open files that are created using xDesign or xShape?

The Design roles have the option to export files as a neutral file format, allowing SOLIDWORKS users to open them regardless of what version they are using. The .SLDXML file format will preserve the assembly hierarchy between xDesign and SOLIDWORKS.

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