How to create Sheetmetal in web browser with 3DExperience

3D Sheetmetal Creator is an intuitive, browser-based solution that offers associative parametric sheet metal design capabilities to build components, assemblies and enclosures.

Its specialized, all-in-one 3D sheet metal design environment helps you streamline how you create, store, share, validate and manage designs, and bring sheet metal products to market faster.

Built on the cloud based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, 3D Sheetmetal Creator stores design data securely in one central location and works seamlessly with the design-to-manufacturing, data management and collaboration solutions on the platform.

Go to Google Chrome, and open the Open 3D Experience Platform.

Using a 3D Passport, log in as a user.

Launch the 3D xSheetmetal application.

To Start with click the new component. Refer to the image above.

The project name should be given.

Provide the location on the 3D Experience platform, where the files are to be saved.

Now the xSheetmetal platform will open.

Plane & sketch should be created. With the help of a line sketch, draw in the plane.

       Click on the extrusion command to access the functions.

       It will open the next popup window to enter the profile and the fixed geometry.
Now checking ok.

Select the extrude feature from the 3D Experience menu to complete the 3D Model.

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