3D Product Architect (PAU)

3D Product Architect enables users to create or modify multi-CAD product structures without the use of design tools. Being able to digitally mockup proposed reduces design iterations and makes reviews available to the product development process.

  1. Connect everyone with the product development process using a browser-based application.
  2. Enable non-CAD users to mock-up new products or product changes prior to the detailed design.
  3. Create multi-CAD mock-ups of a product.
  4. Optimize the product definition for configurable products into a single definition that satisfies the intent of product variations and maximizes IP reuse.


  1. CAD Visualization
  2. 3D Visualization
  3. Product Development
  4. Work Under Change
  5. Digital Mock-up
  6. Derivative Product Development
  7. Measurement and Sectioning
  8. Related Products and Specifications
  9. Product Structure Filtering

1. CAD Visualization:

Multi-CAD design mock-up provides a single context from multiple design sources, so products appear in their entirety to better understand how changes impact the product.

  • Product Structure Editor enables you to navigate and Author structures with a shared experience between a structure widget and a 3D widget.
  • Create and manage product created from multi-discipline tools.

Visualize, explore, and edit multi-CAD product structures within a web-browser.

Products with a common structure that were created in multiple CAD systems.

2. 3D Visualization:

3D Compose permits you to visualize and navigate the product in 3D to understand the effect of changes in the product structure.

  • Interactive exploded views of a structure
  • Drill down to specific components of the product

Expand different areas of a product structure for review while retaining context.

Easily navigate product structures to visualize designs and related changes.

  • Cross-highlighting between the structure and the 3D model
  • Locate and query sub-components from either application.

3. Product Development:

The browser-based Product Structure Editor enables users to modify an existing product, derive a new product from an existing one, or create a new product from scratch with available templates for each supported CAD solution.

  • Position components without CAD tools.
  • Use free-form tools to drag & drop components into place
  • Position parts relative to each other with tools that intuitively mate faces, edges, and cylinders of components for accurate placement.

4. Work Under Change:

The Product Structure Editor supports the ability to work under an existing change action to fully capture and audit changes made within the structure.

  • “Work Under” functionality allows the designer to activate an assigned Change Action
  • Capture all subsequent changes to the design in the Change Action

5. Digital Mock-up:

Build mockup sessions that can be loaded into CAD directly from a browser.

  • Quickly build a product structure with simple positioning tools
  • Persistent repositioning or product structures
  • Build large product structures beyond the scope of individual CAD system representations.

Drag & drop coordinate systems on any face to drag components along specific vectors and rotations.

6. Derivative Product Development:

Product duplication generates derived structures based wholly or partially on existing designs to create derivative product designs.

  • Duplicate existing products to derive new products.
  • Selective reuse existing products or create new ones.
  • Exclude products not required in the new design.
  • Duplicate existing products with new names:
    • Prefix
    • Suffix
    • Manual naming

Decide what to do with products either individually or in preselected groups.

Rename or add text to any selected product or preselected group.

7. Measurement and Sectioning:

Measure, section, and find the related objects of specific product features.

  • Section in any plane for design clarity
  • On-demand measurement of filtered primitives for accurate selection
  • Measure areas, and distances (orthogonal and minimum distances)

8. Related Products and Specifications:

Navigate through the relationships between products and other specifications.

  • Start from any component in the product structure.
  • Move freely up and down the structure and related objects such as Change Actions and Markups, etc.

9. Product Structure Filtering:

Select specific areas of the product structure with cube and sphere shapes in 3D Compose using volume queries to partially load or visualize areas of complex product structures. Save and reuse the resulting filtered structures.

  • Filter the product structure by volumes, attributes, and configurations

Save filtered definitions for reuse.