SIMTEK provides a range of services, including part manufacturing, modeling, and other engineering services. SIMTEK embraces the latest technology of additive manufacturing and prototypes for product visualisation and creation.

Our goal is to offer a solution that is cost effective, maintainable and expandable for our customers

Digital manufacturing is replacing conventional manufacturing methods it allows for efficient prototyping and tool production, product visualisations and mass communication with no waste of materials and no tooling required. The two main activities of the company are software solutions development, information technology services & training.



    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Detail Drafting
    • 2D to 3D CAD Conversion
    • 3D Solid Modelling
    • Conceptual Design
    • Technical Communication
    • Facility Planning
    • Reverse Engineering

    Benefits of Implementing 3D Printing Technology


    • Reduced manufacturing costs by eliminating tooling and setup expenses.
    • Optimization of the supply chain through decentralized manufacturing.
    • Improved inventory management with just-in-time production.
    • Design complexity and innovation with freedom in design.
    • Sustainability and waste reduction through minimal material usage.
    • On-demand production for smaller batch sizes and spare parts manufacturing.
    • Provide services right from Designing – Scanning – Pre-Processing – 3D Printing – Post Processing.


    • Mining
    • Defence
    • Power Generation
    • Medical and dental
    • General Engineering
    • Education
    • Architecture
    • Oil & Gas
    • Automotive & Petroleum
    • Aerospace

    3D scanner

    3D scanning is a technology that is changing manufacturing and engineering processes in every industry. 3D scanner have become indispensable tools across various industries, providing the flexibility to scan objects in real-world environments. Now, imagine combining the portability of handheld devices with the sophistication of hybrid light sources. The result is a multifunctional powerhouse capable of addressing a wide array of scanning needs, from manufacturing and healthcare to cultural heritage preservation and virtual reality applications.

    Benefits of 3D Scanner

    • Able to scan tough surfaces, such as shiny or dark finishes
    • Less sensitive to changing light conditions and ambient light
    • Very fast scan times – as fast as 2 seconds per scan
    • Large scanning area – as large as 48 inches in a single scan
    • Very high accuracy – as high as 10 microns (.00039”)
    • Various price points from low cost to expensive depending on resolution and accuracy
    • Small to large parts can be measured with the proper machine
    • Ability to probe and scan even while the part is moving with no loss of accuracy
    • Precise, high-speed as built documentation

    Why buy 3D Scanner from SIMTEK?

    • Experienced laser scanning professionals
    • Fast mobilization and data collection
    • Highest quality, industry-leading laser scanners
    • Optimized workflows to reduce project completion time
    • We offer a 24-hour replacement 3D scanner in the event of technical difficulties during usage.
    • We provide round the clock post sales support
    • Offer a three-phase training program (basic, intermediate and advanced) for your product


    • 3D scanning (Laser scanning / Structured light scanning)
    • CT scanning (STL data output & Reverse engineering)
    • Scan to CAD data (reverse engineering)
    • CMM Inspection
    • 3D Inspection
    • Jigs and fixture inspection and correction
    • Scan to cad data conversion (STL to step format)
    • Jigs and fixture manufacturing

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