Product Communicator (XPR)3DEXPERIENCE

Product Communicator 3DEXPERIENCE

Product Communicator role within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform serves as a pivotal facilitator for makers, designers, technical-sales personnel, and marketers, empowering them to effortlessly craft compelling digital content for product communication.

Leveraging applications such as xHighlight for interactive storytelling and xStudio for photorealistic product shots, this role minimizes time-to-market by creating content directly from the latest 3DEXPERIENCE Twin. Offering an intuitive user experience accessible on all devices and within web browsers, it enables the interactive staging of products in global illumination for cloud-based rendering.

KEY FEATURES OF Product Communicator

  • Minimize Time-to-Market:

This capability emphasizes the role’s efficiency in swiftly creating content for product launches directly from the latest 3DEXPERIENCE Twin. By reducing the time, it takes to bring a product to market, organizations can stay competitive and responsive to market demands.

  • Intuitive User Experience:

The intuitive user interface ensures that individuals with varying roles, including makers, designers, technical-sales personnel, and marketers, can easily navigate and utilize the tools. The accessibility across devices and web browsers promotes widespread adoption, fostering collaboration among diverse teams.

Interactive staging capabilities 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Interactive Staging in Global Illumination:

Interactive staging capabilities directly in the web browser, coupled with global illumination, highlight the platform’s commitment to providing visually stunning renderings. The on-cloud rendering service, combined with a pay-as-you-go model, optimizes resources and allows for cost-effective production of high-quality visuals.

  • Render-as-a-Service:

The Render-as-a-Service is an infrastructure solution that adapts

to project needs, offering scalability for large-scale productions and teams. It dynamically adjusts rendering resources based on requirements, providing flexibility and efficiency. This ensures optimal resource use, with the system scaling up during high-demand periods and down during lower demand, optimizing costs. Overall, it’s a responsive rendering solution that enhances workflow efficiency in design and content creation.

technical illustrations 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Illustration and Presentation:

Enabling the creation of impactful videos and technical illustrations, this capability allows for effective storytelling. Whether showcasing Unique Selling Points (USPs), usage scenarios, or providing detailed information in user guides, the platform supports the development of visually compelling content with a focus on accuracy through vector graphic technology.

  • Create Technical Illustrations with Vector Graphic Technology:

The platform allows for the creation of technical illustrations for user guides or functional product descriptions. This capability ensures maximum accuracy through the use of vector graphic technology, enabling precise and clear communication of technical information.