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How to Compare Documents in SolidWorks

How to Compare Documents in SolidWorks?


Compare Documents in SolidWorks:


The Compare Documents command in SolidWorks is used to compare the document properties, features, geometry, and bill of materials between two documents. The comparison of two documents can be compared in an overlay window to identify the changes that occurred in the documents.

For example, in an industry, a product design has two or more revisions. If the user uses the standard method to compare the difference between those product design revisions, it takes more time. As an alternative, the user can easily use this method to compare two different documents to save time.

5 Steps involved in Compare/Identify changes between documents 

Step 1:Select & Compare Documents

Click Tools --> Compare --> Documents


The above image shows that the user could open the two documents for comparison and follow the above steps.

Step 2: Run Comparison

The Compare Command will be opened in the Task Pane. Then follow the below steps:

    • In Reference Document Click the drop-down button and select the File Base_Bracket_&. SLDPRT.
    • In the Modified Document drop-down button select the File Base_Bracket_1&. SLDPRT.
    • In Items to Compare, Select the Check box for Document properties, Features, Geometry à Align parts.
    • Click Run Comparison Button.

Run Comparison in SolidWorks


The above image shows that the user can follow the above steps to Compare Documents.

STEP 3: Compare Document Result

In this step, the compare document shows the File Properties, Part Properties, and Document Properties - Detailing of the two Documents.

Compare Document in SolidWorks

File Properties Displays:

    • Size
    • Last Saved On

Part Properties Displays:

    • Face Count
    • Mass
    • Volume
    • Coordinates of X, Y, and Z (Center of Mass)
    • Feature count

Document Properties(Detailing – Annotation) Displays:

    • Display Annotations

STEP 4: Compare Feature Result

This step shows the difference between the two document Features.

Compare documents Feature Result in SolidWorks

BASE_BRACKET_&. SLDPRT FILE: The feature operations are not performed & displayed.

BASE_BRACKET_1&. SLDPRT FILE: The feature operations are performed in this file. They are

    • Cut Extrude
    • Fillet

STEP 5: Compare Geometry Result

This result has two comparisons. They are

    • Volume Comparison
    • Face Comparison

Volume Comparison:

This result displays,

    • Material to Remove
    • Material to Add
    • Common Volume

Volume Comparison document in SolidWorks


Face Comparison:

This result displays,

    • Unchanged faces
    • Unique faces
    • Modified faces

Face Comparison document in SolidWorks



This Compare Document command is used to compare the Documents properties, Features, and Geometry. The user can easily identify the differences and the changes that occurred in two different documents.


How to create SolidWorks ID

How to create SOLIDWORKS ID/Customer Portal Account?



            A SOLIDWORKS ID is your single account credentials for all things SOLIDWORKS-related. Use it to access the download link for the different versions of SOLIDWORKS, search the knowledge base advanced questions and answer and view training videos. In this article, I have listed step by step guide to creating SolidWorks Id through the SolidWorks portal.


1. Use this link for creating a SOLIDWORKS ID  

Click the link  (OR) Use in the internet browser > Type > Click menu in upper right corner > Select SW customer portal

SolidWorks portal


2. Click on Create a SOLIDWORKS ID

Create SolidWorks id

Now enter your e-mail address and serial number > CLICK Next.

It doesn’t matter if you enter a Standalone license or Network license serial number.

SolidWorks id for customers


NOTE: For Network license serial number, If you have multiple SOLIDWORKS users at your company and only one serial number, you should have no issues creating multiple accounts using the same serial number.

3. Activation link (OR) Company details

The company details on the next page should automatically propagate. If not insert these.

An activation link will be sent to your e-mail address, select the link to activate your account.

4. Log in to the SOLIDWORKS Customer portal

The SOLIDWORKS Customer portal users with the ability to:

    • Access the SOLIDWORKS knowledge base, Where you can search for solutions and SPRs.
    • Download the latest releases of SOLIDWORKS versions.
    • Review your Software licenses and subscription service information.
    • View the status of SPRs.

SolidWorks login dashboard


What's New SOLIDWORKS 2022 Top 6 feature updates in 3D CAD

What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2022: Top 6 feature updates in 3D CAD


What's New SOLIDWORKS 2022: Top 6 feature updates in 3D CAD

In this blog, we are going to explore What's new SOLIDWORKS 2022: Top 6 feature updates in 3D CAD

1. Dimensioning Tool:

After the completion of each and every drawing dimensioning is the major process to be done to define the drawing completely. This dimension is done by using the dimensioning tool. This tool should be accessed easily to complete the work as soon as possible. And for dimensioning a circle we have three types of dimension leaders and they are radial and diametrical and linear. Considering this Solidworks 2022 has added the feature of changing dimensioning leader style from radial to diametrical or diametrical to linear or linear to radial, within the flyover toolbar. So, let’s have a deep look at this added toolbar in Solidworks 2022.


Dimensioning tool SOLIDWORKS 2021

Dimensioning in SolidWorks 2021


Here in the above image after dimensioning, to change it from radial to diametrical or diametrical to linear or linear to radial we have to go to the leader option, which is highlighted inside the RED color box, only then we are able to find the option to change the dimensioning style which we require.

Considering this Solidworks 2021 has added the dimensioning leader feature within the flyover toolbar in Solidworks 2022 version, for changing this dimensioning leader style.

Dimensioning Feature in SOLIDWORKS 2022

As mentioned above to reduce the time and easily access the tool, Solidworks 2022 has been launched with the new feature and shortcut for this dimensioning leader style of circular objects. Let’s have a detailed look into the dimensioning leader added to the flyover toolbar.

New Dimensioning feature in SolidWorks 2022

By keeping the cursor on the dimension already given and left-clicking over that displays a flyover toolbar as like in the above-mentioned image.

Click the first icon highlighted in RED color to change the dimension from diametrical or linear to radial leader style of dimensioning.

New Dimensioning feature in SolidWorks 2022 - 2

Select the second icon to change the dimension from linear or radial to diametrical leader style of dimensioning.

New Dimensioning feature in SolidWorks 2022 - 3

Clicking on the third icon highlighted in RED color changes the dimension from radial or diametrical to linear leader style of dimensioning.


2. Linear Pattern:

With linear patterns, you can produce numerous instances of one or more features that you may evenly space along one or two linear lines.

Let's see how the SolidWorks 2021 & 2022 version varies in the Linear pattern.

Linear pattern in SOLIDWORKS 2021

To create the linear pattern in an older version of SolidWorks, one must select the sketch and the direction. 

Linear Pattern in Solidworks 2021

Here, the selected line became a part of the entities rather than the directional reference. 

Linear Pattern with directional reference


Linear pattern in SOLIDWORKS 2022

In SolidWorks 2022 version, execute the same commands with the sketch. You can select a line from the same sketch that contains the entities to the pattern.

Linear Pattern using sketch in Solidworks 2022

Here, the selected line does not become a part of entities but only as a direct reference.

The changes made in new updates are very small but they can make a difference when making a complex drawing.

Linear Pattern using sketch command


3. Hole Wizard:

Hole wizard is the command to simplify the following work such as making different threading standards, tapped holes, countersink, counterbore holes, changing drill sizes, screw clearances, and slots as well.

For which we just need to click on the type of hole or thread as per requirement. Time saved is comparatively high than manually finding, fixing, and creating holes or slots by means of other commands.

The hole wizard tool is presently improvised with slotting tool feature by changing the direction or position of the slot by simply clicking the TAB key.

Hole wizard in SOLIDWORKS 2021

Hole Wizard in Solidworks 2021

As shown in the above image to change the orientation of the slot we have to change the control vertex parameters. And we need to give relations like a parallel to change the degree of orientation.

Thus the orientation is changed by means of changing all the above-mentioned parameters.

Besides the older version of SolidWorks allows the user to change the orientation of the slot after changing the relations.

Hole wizard in SOLIDWORKS 2022

Hole Wizard in Solidworks 2022 - Horizontal orientation Hole Wizard in Solidworks 2022 - Vertical orientation

The user needs to only Press the Tab option to change the orientation accordingly.

This saves a lot of time for designers/engineers to meet their deadline at right time.


4. Predefined Views:

In SolidWorks 2021 version, the user cannot specify the model orientation as a trimetric, dimetric, or flat pattern.

But in the upgraded version, the user can create a predefined view and also be able to specify the model orientation as a trimetric, dimetric, or flat pattern in a drawing. This is very useful for the user who needs to create a drawing template that contains specific predefined views.

Predefined Views: SOLIDWORKS 2021 Vs 2022

Predefined view - Drawing 1 Predefined view - Drawing 2                    

Views Creation in an upgraded version of SolidWorks:

In SolidWorks Drawing, Click the Predefined view option from the command bar

Select the drawing view to predefine our requirements.

Predefined view creation

Then select the type of pattern we need for the particular view/drawing.


Predefined view final output

Now you can create the predefined view and specify the model orientation as Flat Pattern, Trimetric, and Dimetric.


5. Rotating a section view about an Axis or Hole:

In this feature, the user can rotate the section view plane through an axis, temporary axis, hole, or cylindrical face.

In the SolidWorks 2021 version, there is a feature for section view in the different planes like Front Plane, Top Plane, and Right Plane. However, the edge or axis feature that is not available in SolidWorks 2021 Version. 

Comparison of SOLIDWORKS 2021 & 2022

rotating section view in Solidworks 2021                 rotating section view in Solidworks 2022


To create a section view about an axis, go to section view property manager. Under Section, click Section About Axis.

Select an axis, hole, or cylindrical face, and then select a point or vertex to create the section view plane.

The below image shows steps that how to create a section view about a hole or axis.

rotating section view with axis in Solidworks 2022

rotating section view with plane and axis in Solidworks 2022


6. Mirroring with Two Plane:

SOLIDWORKS has worked on the Mirror feature to reduce time wastage and increase performance.

Let’s take a part drawing for a better understanding of Mirroring.

Click the mirror option in the command bar to create the mirror feature. In the mirror dialogue box,  select the plane with which the features need to be mirrored as shown below the image. 

Mirror option in command bar

The below image shows the resultant body using the mirror feature in 2021. Here the SOLIDWORKS 2021 lets you only create mirroring with a single plane.

Mirroring in SolidWorks 2021

Mirroring in SOLIDWORKS 2022

With SolidWorks 2022 version, the user can able to select the dual-plane while creating a mirroring feature in the same part. 

Check the results of the SolidWorks 2022 Mirror feature shown below.


Mirroring in SolidWorks 2022

In addition to that, we have Mirror Seed only feature on selection it mirrors the seed features about the dual planes. 

Mirroring with seed feature in SolidWorks 2022


SOLIDWORKS 2022 brings many new exciting features and improvements. My personal favorite is the mirror feature in the above-discussed topics. What's your favorite feature update in SOLIDWORKS 2022? Comment below!


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