Why SOLIDWORKS Link Values is better than a Global Variable

⇒ ⇒ Back with the release of SOLIDWORKS 2010, SOLIDWORKS introduced Global Variables. A nice little utility, to define a constant that can be used to drive multiple dimensions.

Equations, Global variables and dimensions

Equations, Global Variables, and Dimensions

⇒ ⇒ And for many situations, this works well but the one downside is that a Global Variable has to be applied to each dimension individually. This can be tedious when many dimensions need to be linked.

Applying a Global variable

Applying a Global Variable

Prior to Global Variables, dimensions were made equal by using Link Values.

The main advantage of SOLIDWORKS Link Values is that it can be applied to multiple dimensions at once.

How to Link Values

All that is required is selecting the dimensions that need to be linked, by using either Ctrl-select or Window selected. After all the dimensions are selected, it’s simply a matter of right-clicking and selecting Link Values from the shortcut menu

Linking values

Linking Values 

In the Shared Values dialog box, a Name is entered for the Linked Values.


Shared Values

Linked dimensions are denoted with a link (not infinity) icon.

Linked Values ( Denoted in Red link )

Linked Values (denoted by red link icon)

Linking Values does require selecting all dimensions to be linked. In a situation where these dimensions may belong to different features, not all the dimensions will be visible. This can addressed by right-clicking on Annotations in The FeatureManager and selecting Show Feature Dimensions.

Show feature Dimension

Show Feature Dimensions

Modifying Linked Values

The Link icon will also appear in the Modify Dimension dialog box and modifying any one of the Linked dimension, will update all Linked dimensions

Unlink Values

Modify Dimension

Linked dimensions can be unlinked by selecting one or more Linked dimensions, right-clicking, and choosing Unlink Value.

Unlink Values

Unlink Values