Why 3d? Why you need to choose SOLIDWORKS?

Why 3d? Why you need to choose SOLIDWORKS?

2D Impact & Customer Expectation:

In olden days, people used to draw line sketches in a paper, after slowly they started using 2D application to create why3dcadaccurate 2d views – front, top, side, sectional, detail view. In addition to that, draftsman adds a title block which stores information like who created the drawing, when it was created, who approved, who changed, and for what purpose.

Why 3D ?

Later… people wanted to combine all the views and to visualize 3d in mind. It is diffcult to predict clearly how the products look like; So the entry of next dimension tool – 3D CAD software.

Initially people thought that this is sufficient and significant to do our 3d models whether it is simple or complex. Years later people started thinking that we need to put more value on built-in intelligence, improved collaboration and easy to use application.