Campus Recruitment Slows Down in Engineering Colleges – A Report from NASSCOM.

Here are 5 Simple Tips for students to succeed in Campus drive

Campus Placement Tips
1.Internship or Implant Training with industries is very important (What you learned and what you did during Internship or Implant training matters a lot.)
2.Choose your area of interest and develop your skills according to that. (for example: If you have interest in CAD/CAM try to understand how it is used in Industries and take your final year project or mini project with respect to CAD/CAM)
3.Develop your network with Industry people. LinkedIn is a excellent social media platform where you can find your alumni and get their suggestion respect to your projects or about the current industry trends which might offer you a job. you can also join in groups related to your area of interest and get experts suggestion.
4.Take up some certification which is recognized in Industry. (eg: Boiler and Pressure Vessel certification or CAD certifications like CSWP – Certified SolidWorks Professional). These certifications will add value to your resume and you have reasons to stand out of crowd in today’s competitive job market
5. Do your home work before the interview (go through the companies website, under stand the job responsibilities, Prepare your self with basic interview questions) and last but not least your communication skills makes the difference