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Hello all, view this SOLIDWORKS Tips & Tricks video to know how Hidden Lines can be made visible for particular Component even in Assembly file, how Section View can be projected from a Detail view, how to Use 3D Drawing View option, how Small case can be changed to Upper Case easily in created Notes.

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Kindle your idle time with SolidWorks Task Scheduler

Ever thought of a tool that does all the off peak hours work like Printing of drawings, Rebuilding of  large assemblies, Converting files to PDF or to any other format, Creating e-drawings, Rendering and Animations etc.


Well, SolidWorks has a macro tool named SW Task Scheduler which could do all these works while the user is away from the computer. SIM Technologies Pvt Ltd is the Professional Channel Partner for SolidWorks.


There are 18 useful in-built tasks that can help automate the off peak hours work.  SolidWorks standard license has only few tasks while professional and premium license possess all the functionality.


For instance, let’s see how to save SolidWorks drawings as pdf files automatically.

  1. Install the PDF printer and let it create a PDF print driver.
  2. Open up SolidWorks Task Scheduler (Windows Start Menu->All Programs->SolidWorks 20XX (year version) ->SolidWorks Tools->SolidWorks Task Scheduler).
  3. Select Print Files as the task.  A “Print Files” dialog box will come up.

Task Schedular


4. You have the option to either Add File or Add Folder and select the files or folders that you want to create a PDF of.

to either Add File or Add Folder and select the files or folders that you want to create a PDF of.

5. Click on Options… and select your PDF printer.

6. Select what date and time you would like to run the task.  You also have the option to select the frequency of the task, meaning that      you can run this task automatically every night if you prefer.


Everyone can use the SolidWorks Task Scheduler. I hope that SolidWorks Task Scheduler will save your time and increase your productivity in your work flow.

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