Go Green with SolidWorks Sustainability

GO GREEN  Earning Green Profits

There is shift in the manufacturing Industry’s thinking process. Industries today have become more environmentally conscious and are trying to utilize waste to the maximum, build more energy-efficient machines and thus reduce their carbon footprint. In such testing times, IT plays an important role in facilitating their manufacturing process, while helping them earn green profits.

                                                                                       WHAT CAN ‘IT’ DO?

solidworksVirtually everything! Factory modeling, process planning, simulation, collaboration, virtual factory setup, human fatigue measurement and optimization of design process are some of the many benefits of IT. And all of these benefits have a direct connection to going green. IT solution cab link people, process, technology and information throughout the entire operation irrespective of how old your machinery is. Besides, reactions and experiments, which are difficult to perform in real-life conditions, can very easily be done through simulation. Checking machine responses to high-temperature, simulating strange conditions and analyzing a machine’s reaction to change a particular component are much better done through IT. Industrial surveys indicate that the use of IT can reduce energy consumption by 10-20% that too without high capital expenditure.  Read more »