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FilletXpert & DraftXpert


The FilletXpert manages, organizes, and reorders symmetric constant radius fillets for you so you can concentrate on your design intent.


For example, if a designer makes a solid model as in the image and then fillets all the edges, he won’t be able to addFilletXpert & DraftXpert a draft angle to the straight walls of the model. As a expert he will have to know to go back in the history of the part, before the fillets were created, and then draft the walls. This is a very simple example. You can imagine the complexity for an injection molded plastic model. Say for instance you needed to add draft to the wall of a cell phone cover. Traditional 3D CAD systems force users to know expert techniques, like going back into the history of a part model and inserting features. Typically new users struggle for many months until they learn all the expert techniques needed to make them productive.

SWIFT’s FeatureXpert in SolidWorks changes all that. When a user tries to create a feature (such as a draft or a fillet) that needs to be inserted earlier in the part history, FeatureXpert automatically figures out what has to be done and the features are reordered to the proper position in the model history. The user can now proceed directly to the next design task rather than trying to figure out a work-around for the CAD system.

To access the FilletXpert, Go to Insert > Features > Fillet/Round and in the Property Manager, click FilletXpert.

The FilletXpert can:

  • Create multiple fillets
  • Automatically invoke the FeatureXpert
  • Automatically reorder fillets when required
  • Manage the desired type of fillet corner

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