Streamline your inspection quality process with SolidWorks Inspection

Are you spending hours creating and modifying inspection documentation? Have you wondered whether there was an easier way to automate inspection reports? SOLIDWORKS Inspection is a new offering that will greatly reduce time and errors within engineering and quality processes, enhancing the accuracy of your inspection reports.


REP_SW_Inspection First Look_961x250

With a simple-to-use tool, you can streamline your inspection quality process, by:

  • Easily creating inspection documentation regardless of your CAD system
  • Producing reports in industry standard formats, including PPAP and AS9102
  • Automating the creation of balloons on engineering drawings, and the creation of inspection data sheets and reports
  • Choosing the inputs – directly type in measured values, use a digital caliper, or import results from a coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

Watch the video and discover the benefits of SOLIDWORKS Inspection.


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