Smashing Pumpkins: The Physics Behind Pumpkin Chunkin

See how American Chunker uses science and SOLIDWORKS to keep its championship status pumpkin chunker on top.

Learn how the American Chunker team won the national Punkin’ Chunkin’ Championship with ingenuity and engineering skill, and how they continue to revolutionize the sport by staying ahead of the competition with new ideas and CAD-embedded testing in SOLIDWORKS® Simulation.

solidwroks simulation

American Chunker uses SOLIDWORKS Solutions to:

  • Simulate accurate results before physical testing
  • Predict the flight path of pumpkins-before they are even plucked from patch
  • Analyze how in-flight pumpkins will react to breaking the sound barrier
  • Identify potential problems well in advance and before they smash in your face
  • Retain engineering knowledge in designs so they’re not lost in a patch
  • Minimize engineering rework, maximize pneumatic cannon pumpkin chunkin’

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