Every Year Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation [DSSC] used to conduct VAR TECH MEET for SolidWorks professionals in India for demonstrating, honing and sharing their knowledge. The Main motive behind this Technical Meet is to serve SolidWorks Customer in much better way in terms of Quality Technical Support with the upgrading Technology. SIMTEK Technical Team bags two awards in the event.


This Year DSSC Successfully conducted 4th “VAR Technical Meet 2013” on 13th, 14th & 15th  June 2013, which was held at Holiday Inn resort Goa.


 An active, growing SolidWorks user community brings passion and knowledge to design. Customers have a voice in what they do, and we’re always asking how SolidWorks software can help you do more. In fact, most of our software enhancements begin with user feedback. More than 90% of the enhancements in SolidWorks are directly requested by customers.


SolidWorks Technical Meet is focused on the following:


  • Knowledge & Experience sharing
  • Evaluation of Pre-sales & Post sales Technical support capability
  • Multi Product Solution for customer base
  • Customer Success Stories & Testimonials
  • Benchmarks for closed sales
  • Electrical and SolidWorks Composer & Data Management Products
  • Product Design capabilities of VAR Application Engineers
  • Training

The Entire Event is headed by DSSC Technical Heads. More SolidWorks VARs actively participated with enthusiasm and with more expectations of Knowledge Sharing.


During this Tech Meet various discussions continued such as how SolidWorks products are being addressed to various Industrial verticals with its Wide Product portfolio and how Products can be designed with Manufacturing Perspective i.e. With Design for Manufacturability [DFM] Approach.

SIMTEK shared its Customer Success Story of SolidWorks which in class describes how Qualitative & Quantitative benefits our customer achieved using SolidWorks Software Solutions.

SolidWorks 3D CAD attracts new talent from among the most innovative designers and engineers in the work force today. More people are learning SolidWorks software because more companies are demanding it. SolidWorks software is so intuitive that it’s the tool of choice for more than 2 million users and over 25,000 educational institutions around the world. With this presence, it’s easy to find and staff your organization with designers certified in the 3D standard.

SIMTEK enthusiastic technical support team participated in the event and grabbed two awards.

1. Best Benchmark

2. SolidWorks Composer Quiz.