SOLIDWORKS Intelligent Feature Technology – SWIFT

Most of the people using Maruti SWIFT because of its elegance, User Friendly, Comfort, Safety, Mileage and so on….. Hence it is ranked as one of the most usable and trusted cars in INDIA.

 “Recently Maruti Suzuki announced that its bestselling premium hatchback, the Swift, has clocked cumulative volumes of 1.3 million units in the domestic market. Coincidentally, Swift celebrated its tenth anniversary in India – IAB Report”.


Do you think in what way it is linked to the design which we make?

As superstar [Maruti SWIFT] revamps automobile industry, Similarly SolidWorks for the first time in the CAD Industry introduced SWIFT Technology, i.e., SolidWorks Intelligent Feature Technology, a few years ago. It is an “expert” software tool, not simply to automate common operations but to help the beginners / users to work like a CAD expert. SWIFT lets you focus less on the CAD tool and more on your design. What automatic transmission has done for novice drivers, what GPS has done for travelers, SWIFT has done for users of 3D CAD.

 SWIFT expert features are available for Sketches, Fillets, Draft, Assembly mates and auto dimensioning for an imported model. Let’s have a look one by one…



The SWIFT SketchXpert, however, for the first time makes it easy for users to quickly resolve any and all problems1 that arise during sketching. When a sketch cannot be solved or over defined, the SketchXpert diagnoses the problem and gives a set of solutions that remove unplanned intent and lock onto the desired one. With the SketchXpert, the user can quickly add the desired design intent without having any special CAD system knowledge.

Check below to know more about how SketchXpert works…