SolidWorks Design Validation Day 2013

Many Engineering Technocrate witnessed SolidWorks Design validation  show conducted by SIMTEK in Chennai, Coimbatore & Kolhapur. Companies such as Johnson Lifts, HCL Technologies, BGR Energy, Kone Elevators and many more activity participated in SolidWorks Design Validation Day 2013 Event.

The Concept of Design Validation Day is to educate our customer & prospects about the Analysis capabilities available inside SolidWorks Software. Benefit of  SolidWorks Analysis Tools are

  1. Design cycle Time is reduced
  2. Reduce weight and material cost
  3. Compare design alternatives to meet specific customer needs
  4. Field failure of products is minimized
  5. Improve durability & manufacturability
  6. Optimize margin

SIMTEK Support engineers helps customer in benchmarking their design challenges. With SIMTEK assistance one of our client Ghatge Patil Industries Ltd have reduced weight up to 20% (ie) 5 Kg through design optimization by reducing thickness of valve body.


Analysis weight optimization


SolidWorks Simulation Technology provides design engineers with right tools at right time to make better decisions and the end results are better products lower cost and faster time-to-market.