Standardization – A word which many organizations strive hard to achieve. Engineering department were standards are followed mandatorily in design and drafting.

Engineers use SolidWorks to easily create 3D model and Manufacturing Drawings but they face challenge to streamline their design according to industry standards.

SolidWorks Design Checker, a productivity tool which can ease and potentially automate the design standard checking process. This process involves by simply creating a template for CAD Standard (Build Checks) or using an existing drawing to check against drawings.

In SOLIDWORKS, you can add .swstd extension to your standards file in the ‘check active document’ allowing you to run a check on opened file. The Design Checker lists in the task pane highlighting all the content that has failed the check against your standard and allows you to address them.


Design Checker checks document standards for

  • Annotation & Dimension Fonts
  • Custom Properties
  • Materials
  • Standard Units
  • Arrow Style
  • Layers
  • Title Blocks

Solidworks design checket_simtek

SolidWorks Design Checker is enabled only for SolidWorks Professional and SolidWorks Premium users


  • Automates the process of verifying the design with industry standards
  • Ability to auto correct drawings that conflicts with the industry standards
  • Ability to use existing drawings to validate new drawings
  • Saves time by checking all the sheets in a drawing document in a couple of clicks
  • Ability to do design check in batch mode

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