Solidworks reseller in Chennai, Coimbatore and Kolhapur.


Concept Design

SIMTEK provides end-to-end engineering services including product design, modeling, engineering analysis, application development, process engineering, reverse & reengineering. Using cutting edge technology of CAD/CAM/CAE possesses talented pool of engineers with relevant domain expertise in various industrial segments.

We have the best engineering talent for your design needs. A number Manufacturing and Engineering firms are experiencing improved speed, accuracy, lower costs and improved flexibility by Offshoring their engineering design to SIMTEK.

Simtek is staffed with well focused and vibrant work force having across industries experience in using cutting-edge technology of CAD/CAM/CAE/ PDM.

SIMTEK offers the dual advantage of cost and time savings apart from high quality deliverables.

Our state of the art design center, equipped with the latest technology offers benefits across all functional areas and help organizations concentrate on core activities by providing readily available pool of resources, reduction in cost with increased productivity and enhanced quality, Domain knowledge from functional experts who bring in experience from the automotive, Tool & Die, Industrial Machinery and other verticals and Structured and Systemized approach in execution.

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