Seminar for Engineering Community


Thank you SIMTEK team for sharing information and knowledge through “Complete Integrated Solutions” Seminar to Engineer-To-Be community at Chennai Institute of Technology (CIT) Chennai. This is our sincere attempt to implement technology on each Indian shop floor through Young Engineers. Let us continue our efforts in developing young minds and help India grow faster than ever.  I am glad to be part of this team and more importantly satisfied by helping our customers to achieve productivity goals by providing right manpower – The budding Engineers!


Imparting training, sharing one’s life experience is a noble activity itself. I am happy to note that SIMTEK is on its forefront and its roadmap to shaping up Coaching and mentoring activities are very positive and encouraging. By doing so we become sustainable and strengthen ecosystem between all stakeholders. SIMTEK is Technology Integrator and already experienced till date, multi-fold advantages in terms of customer delightment, developing right manpower for skill starved industries. To continue our commitments on develop-a-right-manpower agenda, we have FREE training courses offering to underprivileged engineering students and graduates. These courses are available at our all branches. Course content is tailor made to suit various industry needs. Training is imparted by our Application Engineers who day-in-and-out support to our customers do innovate their designs, validate and help them in manufacturing too. For the purpose of making it big in education sector, SIMTEK is in advanced stage for forging tie-up with Skill Development Institute (SDI), Entrepreneurship development Institute (EDI), ICT Academy of Tamilnadu ( ICTACT), Tamilnadu Small and Tiny Industries Association (TANSTIA),  Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association (KAASIA), etc. Beside we have proposed regular tailor made courses in Universities to enhance student knowledge and encourage them to be Industry-ready once they complete their studies.

SIMTEK is aware of challenges ahead and is gearing up to improve upon new teaching methodologies, create bigger platform to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia, etc. I appeal to all our customers to join our efforts of developing India by absorbing trained manpower at various levels purely on merit and make “MAKE IN INDIA” dream come true. For more details, please write to


SIMTEK is an independent engineering services company and an authorized reseller of SOLIDWORKS, Mastercam and other associated products in India. As an eclectic hotbed of ideas, SIMTEK deliver powerful and transformative solutions in design, simulation, product data management, manufacturing, reverse engineering, finite element analysis, value engineering and CAD customization in India.

SIMTEK put innovation into practise and have worked across a broad spectrum of industries from aerospace to oil and gas, from medical equipment to industrial machinery, tools and die designs over the past 15 years. This gives us a wealth of expertise to undertake any project, provide critical solutions for safe operation and share knowledge through various training programs at different levels.

SIMTEK’S highly energetic and cross-functional teams blend strategy, execution and strong cultural ethos to deliver inspiring solutions across an ever expanding eco-system of engineering media. As an award winning partner of some of the most respected engineering design software brands, we bring quality, integrity and customer focus in all aspects of our operations.

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