Enhancing Collaboration and Design Efficiency with Integration of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic with SOLIDWORKS CAD

Event Speaker

Ragunathan G

Application Engineer

Event Type: Seminar

Event Date: 11 Jul 2024

Event Time: 05:30 PM-08.30 PM

Event Venue: Ibis Hotel, Coimbatore

Key Solutions of this event will address:

  • How Single & Multiline Schematic design is done in 2D Schematic with electrical Components.
  • How a manufacturer can be assigned to those schematic symbols to get an interactive bill of materials
  • How to create a cabinet layout in SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL 2D
  • How Electrical 3D enables advanced routing technology for wire, cables & BOM Synchronization

What is Solidworks Electrical and Why is it Important?

Are you stuck with archaic tools for designing and implementing electrical schematics? Do you want to save time and scale your business? Then SOLIDWORKS Electrical is your gateway to success.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical helps in creating 2D electrical schematics quickly, efficiently, and easily. Since it is based on an SQL database, report creation, design changes, speed, and performance are top-notch. Specific rules can also be set for specific applications. Further, it can be linked with the 3D SOLIDWORKS mechanical system, thereby gaining additional value in projects and investment.

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