Savings for Sheetmetal Industries

Today’s industrial market understands the importance of 3D. Following statistical picture shows sheet metal is one of the basic needs for Automotive, Aerospace, machinery and Electrical & Electronics industries.


Savings for Sheetmetal Industries Industry Vertical

SolidWorks customer can use Sheetmetal functionalities extensively to create 3D Model and create fabrication drawings. Logopress3™ BLANK solution allows the user to quickly and easily determine the theoretical blank of any 3D complex geometry. The parts can be imported solid or surface models that have come from a different CAD system. Also, it provides identified stress and thickness variation areas in the geometry.


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There is no need to be a mechanical engineer with finite element analysis skills to handle the Logopress3™ BLANK module because it is very user-friendly.

Logopress3™ BLANK will be a great tool and time reducer for sheet metal designers to generate Blank from 3D Geometry with Complex forms and bends.


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