Refining the Design Process in the Plastic Industry – Moldwell Products India Pvt Ltd.


Mould DesignThe primary requirement of making the designers to express their views to the entire team and enabling themselves with the ability to carry out changes in no time, lead to the procurement of SolidWorks software by Moldwell Products India Pvt Ltd. The company had the basic product classified to several modules where three groups of three designers each worked on the design. SolidWorks helped these designers to carefully and easily create and alter these designs in the shortest possible time, and saving almost 40% of detailing of a model with the use of SolidWorks Standard and Library of Imold.

Moldwell is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company established in the year 1981. Moldwell is a recognized    leader providing innovative and cost-effective injection molding machines, Molds and Assembled parts.


– Mr. R. Soundararaj, Managing Director, Moldwell Products India Pvt Ltd.

Moldwell initially used SolidWorks for Tool Design; “We initially designed Transparent Electrical Elements, but later on we moved to designing Machine Tools,” says Mr. R. Soundararaj, Managing Director. “Especially for making detailing with Imold, it eliminates several additional assisting hands requirement, which in turn makes the true expression of whole design and detailing of one single designer in a short period.” With SolidWorks, the improvisation in Hydraulic manifold design is done within 3 days, but it took long hours in their old system