Strip Layout

Strip Layout

This can be used for both progressive dies and transfer dies. It allows quickly modeling the true solid 3D strip in a very easy and logical way. The Logopress3 strip module can be started from a blank and a folding/stamping process or from dumb imported data provided by your customers or partners. It also allows managing multiple parts in one strip, whether they are identical, mirrored or completely different parts in the same strip.

Key functions:
  • Multiple part management
  • Nesting optimization
  • Excel spreadsheet including useful data for quoting
  • Drag and drop actions
  • Insert/delete stations
  • Material usage information.
  • Force information.
  • Global center of force computation
  • Local center of force computation
  • Spring back management
  • Integrates with the Unbending/Flattening process
  • OpenGL preview
  • Automatic creation of internal punches
  • Powerful assistant tool to define punches in the skeleton
  • Punch patterning
Round Draw Module

Logopress3 strip layout module also includes great and specific features and capabilities dedicated to Round Draw Parts. Everything is parametric; any changes can be done very quickly.

Key functions:
  • Automatic computation of each intermediate stage.
  • Material type of drawn part automatically determines what draw reductions are used.
  • Customizable computation database to include your experience and know how.
  • Automatic re-computation when changing a radius or a diameter.
  • Stripper pressure computation.
  • Automatic and customizable web management.
  • Graphical overlays of previous stations or subsequent stations.
Standard Components Library

Logopress3™ Die Design Software includes a powerful Tool Structure Assistant that allows you to:

  • Model the main die components;
  • Insert additional plates and adjust dimensions and mark them for specific treatments;
  • Use it as a Mate Manager so that you don’t have to search the feature tree for mates.
Tool Structure Assistant
  • Component and sub-assembly insertion feature dedicated to the die design needs
  • Customizable plates
  • Customizable Die Set
  • Automatic mates management
  • Customizable material database
  • Customizable heat treat callouts

No Die design software is complete without an extremely comprehensive Standard Components Library. The only way to understand how powerful, user friendly, flexible, customizable, strong and complete the one Logopress3 offers is to see it. It manages both millimeter and inch components and includes literally dozens of vendors that you are also able to add to. It not only inserts the component you select but also cuts every hole in each plate and automatically manages all mates.

Standard Components Library
  • Choice assistant
  • Automatic patterning
  • Edit definition
  • Customizable Library
  • Automatic mate management
  • Automatic hole creation
  • OpenGL preview
  • Wire EDM hole management
  • Dozens of custom and multi stepped holes–all hole chartable.
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