Solidworks Sustainability

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

Sustainable design gets you there ahead of the market with great, green products. With worldwide awareness of environmental issues becoming acute and customers insisting on environment-friendly products, manufacturers are reconsidering ways to develop and market products. Sustainable design is fast becoming a matter of global corporate citizenship. SOLIDWORKS Sustainability provides built-in environmental intelligence to make more informed decisions about what materials to use.

Solidworks Sustainability addresses major issues like acid rain and pollution among others and measures the design against air acidification, carbon footprint, total energy consumed and water eutrophication. It also gives valuable insight on region-specific material sourcing, manufacturing, use, and disposal that may affect the life cycle of the commodity even before manufacturing it. Supporting ISO 14000 it provides a framework and enables compliance with regulations, environmental policies and actions.

The Life Cycle Assessment feature, for example, is a detailed analysis of the life cycle right from ore extraction, material production, manufacturing, product use, end-of-life disposal, and all of the transportation that occurs between these stages.

  • Like all SOLIDWORKS products, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability makes a complex process easy to understand and use.
  • Intuitive LCA Tool – Conduct comprehensive LCA analyses of parts and assemblies quickly and easily.
  • Environmental Impact Dashboard – See in real time your product’s air, carbon, energy, and water impacts.
  • Baseline Measurement – Capture the environmental impact of an existing product as your baseline, and then monitor in real time how your new design compares.
  • Find Similar Material – Quickly search the material database for alternative materials based on their mechanical properties.
  • Customizable Reports – Create impressive reports that document the improvements you have made to the environmental impact of your products.
  • Integrated SOLIDWORKS User Interface – Work productively with a smart, familiar interface that lets you see environmental impacts and make changes directly in the product model.
  • Environmental Impact Dashboard
  • Seamless Integration
  • Material Selection Tool
  • Generate Environmental Reports
  • Grounded in Life Cycle Assessment
  • The Sustainable Advantage
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