Solidworks Electrical Schematic

SOLDWORKS Electrical Schematic

The development of embedded electrical systems for machines now became simple with SOLDWORKS Electrical Schematic Design Capabilities. SOLDWORKS Electrical has a powerful collection of schematic design tools helps in building embedded electrical system quickly for any equipments or products there by speed up development by copying and reusing common circuit segments within a project or to other projects and also to optimize design reuse, SOLDWORKS Electrical Schematic has build-in libraries of symbols, 3D Component models and Manufacture part information. Engineering Teams can work concurrently to reduce development time, and automated management tools streamline design of complex PLC connections. Drawings can be easily generated with wire lists, “From-To” lists, and other documentation for manufacturing.

Use your SOLDWORKS Electrical schematics in SOLDWORKS Electrical 3D, with bi-directional linking that captures design changes in both the schematic and the 3D model in real time.

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