SOLDWORKS Electrical Professional

SOLDWORKS Electrical Professional

Reap all the advantages of combining the electrical schematic design capabilities of SOLDWORKS Electrical with the 3D capabilities in one convenient package.

With SOLDWORKS Electrical Professional, quick planning of your embedded electrical system is possible with its suite of single-line and multi-line schematic tools and an integrated library of thousands of symbols and parts. Design teams can work concurrently on one or more projects and keep all work current with real-time bi-directional updates.

What’s more, it also allows integration of SOLDWORKS Electrical schematics with the 3D model and then place 3D versions of all electrical parts into the model, creating paths and connections with wires/cables/harnesses. Since all work in 2D and 3D are synchronized in real time, you can create fully integrated Bills Of Materials (BOMs) that include both mechanical and electrical parts.

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