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Logopress Flattening

Logopress Flattening

This comes with three functions:

Blank prediction function
  • Easy prediction of theoretical blank of 3D formed parts.
  • Flattening of various applications, such as: cloth, plastics, adhesives, leather, inflatable objects and packaging.
  • The option to independently purchase packages if you don’t need to design strip layouts and complete dies.
  • Manage native and/or imported data, solids and surfaces.
  • Material thickness management
  • Customizable material database
  • Choice of the “stamping starting area”
  • Choice of the “stamping direction”
  • Define pinched/locked areas
  • Thinning and thickening information
  • Stress and strain information
Unbending Functions

In only a few mouse clicks you can unfold your part and then model the intermediate stages that will allow defining the process that will become your strip layout. This can be done from a native Solid Works model or from an imported model, without preparing it in any specific way.

Key functions:
  • Automatic bend analysis
  • Customizable and flexible bend allowance management
  • Full or partial unbending
  • Spring back management
  • Gusset management
  • Flange management
  • Shearing management
  • Non constant thickness management
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