Solidworks Imold in Chennai

Imold (SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partner Product)

IMOLD is a powerful, completely SOLIDWORKS integrated CAD tool for streamlining and automating the mold design process. Leveraging SOLIDWORKS, it captures the process specific knowledge of mold engineering to provide designers with expert, highly efficient design tools and step by step guide for the complete mold design process to deliver high level of productivity at shorter lead times.It also offers unparallelled integration to existing manufacturing systems and dramatically reduce the mold delivery schedule.Giving professionals the critical design and productivity edge it enables professional designers to work on large mold assemblies and deliver high levels of productivity.

Advantage – IMOLD
  • Easy preliminary and production design at radically short times.
  • Unparalleled integration to existing manufacturing systems.
  • Combination of the legendary powerful mold design suite with new functionalities and all round enhancements to provide greater automation, intuitiveness and enhanced user experience.
  • Optimized system resource management to handle larger assemblies.
  • Complete Mold Design Solutions
  • Part Preparation
  • Mold Design Project Management
  • Core/Cavity/Sidecore splitting
  • Mold Layout
  • Feed System – Runners + Gatings
  • Moldbase Assembly Design
  • Slider + Lifter Assembly Design
  • Ejector System Layout Design
  • Cooling Channel Design
  • Standard Components Library Assembly
  • Drawings
  • Electrode Design + Manufacturing
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