Mouse Gestures Customization in SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

Simulation (FEA) is an Add in product of SOLIDWORKS (SIM Technologies Pvt Ltd is an Authorized Reseller for SOLIDWORKS) which gives Numerical solution for the defined model with few clicks. Watch this Mouse Gesture tips & tricks video to view the Mouse gesture option (Maximum 8 keys can be operated at once).

In this live demonstration of Hollow rectangular bar which is fixed at both ends and applied a load of 25000 N on the face Normal to Top Plane. Mesh is done in Parabolic tetrahedral as Default mesh. By using the mouse gesture option all the work carried out without searching tool then run the analysis by dropping to bottom icon RUN. You can view result in parameters like stress, displacement, strain & factor of safety.


Apart from this, we may animate the displacement plot by drag the mouse to lower left corner. We can also adjust the speed. The Post processing function also included in the Graphical user interface by showing the maximum and minimum of Von mises plot.

With the ease of use in Mouse gesture on simulation. Upper left corner has the automatic report which will publish in word document.


Still we may introduce the company Name, Logo and Design engineer worked for the project which contains the detailed information of boundary condition, material selection, mesh information and plot on von mises stress, displacements.

Thanks for watching the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Mouse Gesture video.

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