Coming Soon Mastercam X8 to your reach

Mastercam X8 Beta program launched in January, working with over 200 Beta testers in the customer and Reseller (SIM Technologies Pvt Ltd) networks . Mastercam gone through four full Beta release cycles, gathering a lot of information and valuable feedback while working with users and shop-testing the software. Now they want to open up the Beta to the general Mastercam community!


This Public Beta release is open to all current customers who are on Maintenance. The Beta release can be downloaded here and will be supported through the new Mastercam Industrial Forum, which is staffed with CNC application engineers, post writers, technical support, software developers, and QC engineers. As we collect feedback and make changes, further updates will be available via the forum.

SIM Technologies Pvt Ltd is the India’s direct distributor for Mastercam software solutions.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll see in the Mastercam X8 Beta:

  • Solid Modeling Improvements such as push/pull direct editing, advanced model prep tools, a new interface and workflow, and hands-on drag controls.
  • Mastercam Dynamic Motion technology for both Mill and Turning is enhanced, helping to further reduce cycle times and improve tool life – on just about any machine.
  • Mill-Turn is expanded to include twin turret support, ability to define and select reference positions, and many other job setup / tool loading / sync manager enhancements.
  • Dramatically improved region chaining includes new tools such as the Air Region chain that defines safe air the tool can move within.
  • New integrated 3- to 5-axis tilt away option in 3D finishing to avoid shank and holder collisions by using multiaxis motion.
  • Speed improvements in toolpath generation.
  • UI Improvements, including upgraded graphics to provide a cleaner look and clearer, more responsive selection tools
  • ..and many other productivity improvements across the entire product.

System Requirements

Mastercam X8 requires a 64-bit versions of Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1. To see a full list of system requirements, please visit our requirements page.

General disclaimer

Mastercam X8 Public Beta provided as a part of an early access program. Although we have tested it on internal and external machines, it is not yet finished and we cannot guarantee it will run on your system or with your machines. Please use at your own risk.

Mastercam X8