Large Assemblies Getting Easier With Magnetic Mates

Large Assemblies Getting Easier With Magnetic Mates

Working with Large Assembly can be often challenging to sheer no.of models that get loaded and interaction needs to be solved between these components. These can be particularly difficult when working with layouts to optimize space and organize equipment. SOLIDWORKS 2017 introduce the new tool and enhanced workflows that directly address many of these challenges.

Parts and assemblies can publish their assets with appropriate connection points that allow easy drag and drop mating. Components are easily dragged on the ground plane, with the tab key component is rotated to the approximate position. This an asset is approached another snap line is indicating magnetic mates can be applied between connection points.


magnetic mates article1


Defining connection points and assets-

    Publishing of assets and connection points are very easy and straight forward.

  1. 1.Select the ground plane.
  2. Enter an offset if required, and then define a connection point.
  3. 3.Add a direction to define the mate.
  4. You also have the option to automatically create the Speedpak configuration on the fly, and that’s it, your model is now ready to be snapped together with other assets in your layouts.


magnetic mates article2


Speed pack Configurations-

     We can use the speed pack configurations where components are super lightweight configurations.

When the Speed graphics circle is displayed we can clearly see that we are working

With just a sub-set of the models, which can greatly improve performance in large assemblies.


With the new Magnetic Mates, it is easier than ever to organize your equipment in an efficient manner to provide a smooth process flow and utilize space efficiently.


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