Iso Clipping in Simulation

Iso clipping is a special tool in Solidworks Simulation which is used to isolate (or) view surfaces of a specified value of the plotted result.

The user has experienced difficulties to find the exact portion of the model where it is failed by simply using the result chart available at the right side of the model.

At that situation, this Iso clipping option is very much useful to find the critical portion of the model.

You can go to Iso clipping by Right click stress under Result folder (or) simulation > Result Tool > Iso clipping.

Iso Clipping in Simulation 1


After selecting the Iso clipping, the property manager tab is opened up in which we need to set the Iso value. One can create up to six Iso surfaces simultaneously.


Iso Clipping in Simulation 2


There are few more options available in Iso clipping property manager.

  1. The plot on Iso surface only    –    This option is used to view the surfaces having the value of                                                                           Iso value 1 when it is checked. It is available only for                                                                                       Iso value1.
  2. Show contour on the uncut portion of the model- This option is used to show the model in shaded                                                                                               mode when it is unchecked


  • This may help us to see visually, under the Iso value which area has to be affected in our model.
  • Under this condition, we may analyze where we have to add the material (or) reduce the loading value.


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