The influences of a rapidly changing technological society have not left behind the field of Sculpture. Although, still traditional methods of sculpture carving process are practiced, let’s look how today range of technical possibilities, use of Robots and computers have important implication.

Over the past decade there have been major changes in sculptural processes and the tools associated with them. Three primary areas of change witnessed by sculptors are

  1. 3D Design of sculpture from the 2D outline sketch
  2. Technology Evolution in particular to Robots, Robotic Programming software linked to computer and Cutting Tools.
  3. Increase in use of power tools and decline in use of hand tools.
  4. Access to remarkable range of materials and processes

“With Robotmaster software we were able to control the Robots to reduce the machining time and working time to a great extent.” Mr.Anil Ram Sutar – Director, Ram Sutar Fine Arts Pvt Ltd.

Mr.Anil Ram Sutar – Director of Ram Sutar Fine Arts Pvt Ltd and professional Architect and Sculptor, shares his experience in adapting technology such as use of computer and Robots for shaping the sculpture. “We started using Kuka Robots along with programming software (Robotmaster) by which controlling Robot movement is easy and quick. We evaluated various software and finally chose Mastercam with Robotmaster, because it gives the exact simulation of the tool path and robot axis movement in our systems before making programs which helps us in reducing the cycle time, tool damage and avoid program errors.


The challenge we faced before using Robots & Robotmaster software are

  • Time duration for manual carving is too long
  • Matching the base point of robot was a tough task.
  • Making large statues in one block of material was not possible earlier.
  • The finishing of Sculpture was not that good.


The benefit of using Robot and Robot Simulation software is that

  • It gives the exact robot simulation as the robot would move practically and job getting is easier.
  • Any complex designs can be made with less material wastage
  • When the cad file of any statue is ready, we were able to make program through Robotmaster software and run the Robot in short span of time.