How to create a Sheet Metal Part by Converting a Solid Body Using the Convert to Sheet Metal Command

To convert a solid body to a sheet metal body:

  • Create the Solid part like the model shown below.

Solid part model

  • Click Convert to Sheet Metal tool from Sheet Metal tab (or) go to Insert  Sheet Metal           Convert to Sheet Metal.
  • Sketch the linear profile which connects the end to end point of solid model to rip the sheet metal body as shown below.
  • Under Sheet Metal Parameters select the face which you want to keep as a fixed face in a Sheet Metal part.
  • Enter the required parameters like sheet thickness and default bend radius etc.
  • Under Bend Edges select the edges of the solid that will form as bends when you unfold or flatten. The lines visible in pink color are Bend Edges.
  • The software automatically selects the edges on which rips are applied. These rip edges are listed under the Rib Edges Found. The lines visible in blue color are Rip Edges.
  • Now, select the sketch you drawn one by one to create rip across the sheet metal part. The lines visible in Green color are Rip Sketches.


Solid part model 1



  • Under corner defaults set anyone of three types of rips.
  • Enter Default gap and Default overlap ratio for all rips.
  • Under Custom Bend Allowance, set a Bend Allowance Type and value.
  • There are three types of relief cuts available. Select your required relief cut among Rectangular, Tear, or Obround. Specify a Relief Ratio for possible relief types.
  • Click OK
  • When done, click on the green check mark/OK to accept. This has created 3 new features in your feature Design Tree.
  • A Sheet Metal Folder, which contains your sheet metal parameters.
  • A Convert Solid Folder, which contains the bends used for this part.
  • A Flat Pattern feature that you can unsuppress to view your Flat pattern at any time.
  • Click Flatten   Sheet Metal toolbar to flatten the part using the bends and rips you specified.

Solid part model 2


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