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About Us

Company Information

SIMTEK is an independent engineering services company and an authorized reseller of SOLIDWORKS, Mastercam and other associated products in India. As an eclectic hotbed of ideas, we deliver powerful and transformative solutions in design, simulation, product data management, manufacturing, reverse engineering, finite element analysis, value engineering and CAD customization in India.

We put innovation into practise and have worked across a broad spectrum of industries from aerospace to oil and gas, from medical equipment to industrial machinery, tools and die designs over the past 15 years. This gives us a wealth of expertise to undertake any project, provide critical solutions for safe operation and share our knowledge through various training programs at different levels.

Our highly energetic and cross-functional teams blend strategy, execution and strong cultural ethos to deliver inspiring solutions across an ever expanding eco-system of engineering media. As an award winning partner of some of the most respected engineering design software brands, we bring quality, integrity and customer focus in all aspects of our operations.


Industries We Worked On

Why Simtek

Simtek has made a remarkable presence all over India.

we have 15+ years of industry experience
Simtek has over 500+ customers

Highly Qualified Technical Experts with Industry Experience.

Industry Leaders education ,aerospace ,automotive ,consumer ,medica l and more.

Best CAD/CAM  Software  Provider  in  Asia/Pacific.
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