Simulation Technology – The Backbone of Business

What Technologies are important for companies when it comes to Designing and Analysis of a product?

Most successful Machinery Manufacturer started adapting to 3D CAD Platform. In the past, designers relied on numerous prototype rounds and tests to determine a design’s feasibility. Despite technological advancements, many organizations continue to rely on spreadsheets or hand calculations during the design process. This approach may have worked in the past, but modern business speeds require a more efficient approach to product design. The main benefit is discovering and solving issues before physical prototypes are created. Many engineers rely on Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for one of two reasons, to ensure performance throughout the product’s lifetime or to make an existing product better. Simulation (Analysis) technology lets users digitally replicate a wide variety of physical tests.

CFD-SolidWorks-SIMTEKToday, companies are gaining a competitive edge by using simulation technology to give the people on the front lines the information needed to make better decisions, design higher quality products, and significantly cut costs and time spent during the prototyping phase. Simulation software like SolidWorks Simulation allows designers and engineers to test their projects virtually, before completion, to understand how they will behave in the real world. If a component or assembly does not pass a virtual test, the professional can update their part on the fly and re-test it long before ordering a physical prototype. Simulation has three benefits that every design and engineering professional needs to understand: Eliminating Design Flaws, Encouraging Experimentation, and Identifying Cost Savings.

V Prakashbabu – Technical Manager