Experience Productivity Gains with the Latest Features

Design with Tools That Work the Way You Do

Delivering better efficiency, higher performance, and greater functionality, SOLIDWORKS 2015 is tailored to help sharpen and enhance all aspects of your product development process. With SOLIDWORKS 2015, your design challenges are answered with enhanced simulations, better sketch tools, more efficient pattern handling, and much more.

SOLIDWORKS 2015 lets you:

  • Focus your attention on design with an improved graphical interface that presents critical data, calls out dependencies, and rapidly switches between model orientations
  • Access vital information while designing including advanced analytics, exact manufacturing information, and extensive product data management
  • Visualize and perform tasks more efficiently with a customizable, intuitive user interface, reduced geometry creation steps, and faster navigation of complex assemblies
  • Test different design scenarios using advanced simulation tools that help identify the effects of various load combinations and compare the impacts of design changes

Watch now to see how SOLIDWORKS 2015 built-in productivity features help support your product development goals and give engineering teams a leg up on the competition.


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