Excel to Electrical Schematics (Excel Automation)

How it would be if Schematic Drawing Create Automatically with Reference to data in Excel Sheet???

Then you might to check out SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017!!!

SOLIDWORKS Electrical has new interesting functionality called Excel Automation for doing just that. The basic steps for this process are

  • Create the macros you would like to use.
  • Create the XLS file (instructions) from the file template.
  • Import the XLS file using the XLS Automation feature to generate the drawings.

1.Create the Macro

Macros is a predefined circuit, these macros are created in Library and must include these two rules, insertion point and variables.



Insertion point

The macros are automatically inserted in the drawing and must have a specific insertion point. From the Insertion point feature, click the point where you want the macro to be inserted. You will have to enter the coordinates of this point in the XLS file.

Variable definition

The macro contains variables that propagate information in the scheme such as a mark, a manufacturer part or an equipotential number. These variables will be replaced by texts you will set-up in the XLS file. The variables must be formatted with the “%” character placed before and after the variable.

For example %Contactor%, in which “Contactor” is the variable name.


2.Create the XLS file

The XLS file must contain specific instructions to be used to do the XLS Automation. It can have as many rows before the header as the user want. The process reads the first row that has the first string that start with the # character. It is the header line.

Field Name Description Required
#mac_name Name of the macro Yes
#mac_posx The position X where the macro will be inserted Yes
#mac_posy The position Y where the macro will be inserted Yes


Similarly File name, Folder name, Location, Function, Bundle can be created with # character.



3.Import the XLS file using the Excel Automation feature

Choose the Excel file in Excel automation feature


Reading the Excel file and inserting macros



Schematic Drawings been created



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