Solidworks Education Reseller in Chennai, Coimbatore and Kolhapur.


From primary and secondary school to college and university, learning SOLIDWORKS can give you an edge in the classroom and help in a competitive job market. Employers not only look for a strong background in engineering and design fundamentals but also strong SOLIDWORKS skills that have become an integral part of modern design.

Why has 3D CAD become so important in engineering/design?

SOLIDWORKS is one of the most used 3D CAD solutions and enables engineers/designers to design and test in a simulated environment. Designs can be verified without having to manufacture costly prototypes. SOLIDWORKS provides you the design, simulation, analysis, documentation and presentation software that will enable you to design faster, communicate your ideas, and create higher quality designs at a lower cost.

SOLIDWORKS Education Edition includes:
  • SOLIDWORKS® Premium software
  • Animation functionality
  • Library of standards
  • Photorealistic rendering
  • eDrawings®
  • SOLIDWORKS Sustainability for Life Cycle Assessment
    • SOLIDWORKS® Simulation Premium finite element analysis tools (FEA)
    • SOLIDWORKS® Simulation Premium, finite element analysis tools (FEA)
    • SOLIDWORKS® Motion, kinematic and motion simulation analysis tools
    • SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis tools
  • Complete online documentation and tutorials
  • 14 language options: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Korean, Czech, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Russian
  • 12-month term-of-use license
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