Traditional approach for square Drill

Traditional method:

Since 1960s vertical milling machine has developed. Milling machine is used to cut a  slot with corner fillet and using End Mill tool to get corner (to be rounded off) the radius of a fillet which depends upon the tool diameter. Depth of slot is constraint with respect to tool length.

Difficulties faced during 19th century:

  • human error,
  • time consumption for men and material
  • level of accuracy
  • Bulk production

Those difficulties can be overcome with latest technology with a Multi point single tool.It’s an interesting topic which deals with CAM usage to measure appropriate dimensions of the work piece and tool. The tool consists of rotational with lateral displacement along circular path. The tool dimensions are rigid throughout the operation. You may produce bulk production of components with reduced process it will be helpful for that process.Path of Multi point Tool

Fig 1: Path of Multi point Tool

Figure 1 represents the path of tool which is highlighted with blue color with circular path in blue point and yellow is path which followed by the tool. Machined part is indicated with green color to avoid confusion different color is shown.

Indicates corner radius without using a specified tool.

Fig 2: Indicates corner radius without using a specified tool.

Figure 2 represents the corner radius particularly avoiding the manufacturing process involved in machining .normally in shop floor we are finding the all sharp corners should be rounded off. The sentence you may view in drawing file comprises all dimensions are in mm and the above sentence too. Traditional process we use filing for round off corners which can be reduced a lot with single shot operation.

special attachment with drilling machine

Fig 3: special attachment with drilling machine

Figure 3 represents the complete attachment of the setup with universal joint to run the drilling machine with low speed. Depending upon rotation the joint transfer motion to tool. The setup includes steady rest for holding the tool shown in orange and grey with tool tip .three point cutting tool helps to drill wooden blocks.

wooden piece drilled with multi point tool.

Fig 4: wooden piece drilled with Multi point tool.

Here in this snap we are able view the machining process involved in reduced steps on wooden block. This machining doesn’t involve any finishing process which reduces time, manpower and machine.

Finished product with reduced manufacturing process.

Fig 5: Finished product with reduced manufacturing process

At last, we find this finished product with an optimal time.  This is a way to increase profit and productivity of single part. If you use for all parts in an assembly your company earn more profit than splendid.