SOLIDWORKS MBD is an integrated drawing less manufacturing solution and it is used for generating Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) Data. The PMI data includes datum, dimensions, tolerances, bill of materials (BOM), notes, surface finishes, weld symbols, and coordinate systems.
Advantages of using SOLIDWORKS MBD


Drawing less manufacturing Solution-Defining & exporting PMI



1. The manufacturers to understand the drawings easily,
2. To streamline production
3. To cut the cycle time
4. Reduce errors.


Industry Standard Supported by SOLIDWORKS MBD

Various industry standards supported by SOLIDWORKS MBD are,
1. Military-Standard-31000A,
2. ASME Y14.41,
3. ISO 16792 &
4. DIN ISO 16792.


Defining & Exporting PMI data
1. By using Auto Dimension scheme, geometric tolerances for each feature in the components are created.
2. When the tolerance is created, automatically various geometric tolerance and annotation are listed in the Dimxpert manager tree.
3. Orient the component to different views and capture the views, automatically the views along with the annotations will be created.
4. Notes can be added to the view and it can be captured separately.


5. It can even intelligently show and hide 3D annotations when the model is rotated. 6. Once the desired views are captured, all the PMI data can be exported by using eDrawings®, 3D PDF, and STP242.


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