DESIGN AUTOMATION – More innovation than more Redo’s / Costly errors.

DESIGN AUTOMATION – More innovation than more Redo’s / Costly errors.

The demand for customized products that meet different markets and different customers is steadily increasing. Also, the demand for shorter lead times for the delivery of these customized products puts strain on design departments whose works tends to become increasingly repetitive. At the same time, designing variants takes

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time from innovative, original design, and/or problem-solving tasks. A powerful tool in the endeavor to cut lead times, workloads and ultimately costs in order to become more competitive in an increasingly globalized market is Design Automation. Consequently, seeing a need for design automation system is not difficult rather identifying the type, scope and format of the system implementation, as well as the actual design tasks and activities to support or automate. DESIGN AUTOMATION _More innovation than more redo’sCostly errors Need for design automation systems:

  • Reduced design time
  • Challenges in industry today
  • Product Development
  • Variant Design

Many manufacturers sell products that can be customized and configured in millions of different ways. In the sales process, this causes long lead times to create proposals. In engineering, it takes a lot of time and effort to create bills of materials and customized drawings. Errors are common and costly. With software you can automate these configuration and design customization tasks based on an intuitive representation of the design rules of the product. Typical users:

  • Engineer/design-to-order companies
  • Metal building companies
  • Engineering firms
  • Design-to-build companies
  • Process equipment manufactures

Using Design Automation software means a lot: • More design is performed using fewer resources. • A valid design is generated every time even when some fields are not filled in. • No programming skills are needed to set up the product rules and maintain them. • Ability to view changes made directly within SolidWorks. • Dramatic reduction in the time it takes to make variants of a product by customizing. • Save time and money by automating the routine engineering tasks • Let the engineers focus on developing products   SolidWorks 3D CAD tools automate repetitive design tasks, benefiting companies making custom products for bid/RFP, as well as high volume manufacturers. SolidWorks design automation tools include: DriveWorks DriveWorks lets you capture, re-use knowledge and rules to specify design engineer’s order. It lets you automate repetitive tasks and generate design, manufacturing and sales outputs quickly and accurately. Use DriveWorks to create and configure custom products in minutes… not days! SIMTEK is an authorized reseller for SolidWorks and Driveworks.

DESIGN AUTOMATION – More innovation than more redo’s/Costly errors.

  • Capture and re-use design knowledge to save time and money
  • Incorporate design rules to minimize errors and cost from manual mistakes
  • Automate repetitive tasks to dramatically reduce design time when specifying new variants
  • Free design engineers from doing repetitive tasks to concentrate on new and special designs
  • Generate variations quickly and easily based on rules you create
  • Hotkeys—Automate many simple tasks with only a few mouse clicks
  • SolidWorks Macros—Automate and streamline tasks with only a few steps
  • Task Scheduler—Schedule and automatically drive off-peak batch processing activities
  • Links to Microsoft® VBA—Generate custom automation using standard industry automation tools

Built-in Application Programming Interface (API)—Automate specific functions in SolidWorks