Dedicated Multiaxis Programming for Multi-bladed Parts

Conventionally, one of the most complex 5-axis challenges is creating toolpaths for impellers, fans, and marine screws. These parts are widely used in power generation, energy transfer, and propulsion.


Blade Expert is a powerful, user friendly custom application developed to generate efficient, smooth, and collision-free toolpaths for these complex parts. It minimizes unnecessary air passes at the machine, delivering a highly efficient toolpath with superior finish quality and accuracy.


Multi-bladed turbine parts and impellers come in different configurations, but Blade Expert’s common sense operation process turns these machining challenges into routine solutions. And, the interface is the same one used by all other multiaxis toolpaths, ensuring a short learning curve.

Particular features include:
•     Precise, efficient, and smooth cut pattern.
•     Supports straight, bull, and ball nose cutters.
•     Automatic stock model awareness eliminates air-cuts.
•     Automatic tool axis control for safe toolpaths.
•     Accurate tool tip control means seamless blending and transformation.

SIM technologies Pvt Ltd being the Authorized Reseller for Mastercam in India, provides the industries who are into manufacturing complex 5-Axis parts with Blade experts.

Watch Mastercam Blade Expert in action in the video below.