A SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017 What’s New feature to supports vault database replication that can greatly improve performance in high latency and high usage environments.

  • Always On Availability Groups (AOAG) technology in Microsoft SQL Enterprise edition 2012 or higher is used for the replication capability.
  • Using AOAG, SOLIDWORKS PDM can direct the read operations to the secondary SQL servers.
  • Each availability group can maintain a single database with read-write access (primary database) and multiple databases with read-only access (secondary databases).


Database Replication in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2017

  • The secondary SQL servers can be connected to LAN and the connection between secondary SQL servers and the primary SQL server over WAN.
  • Read operations are directed to the secondary SQL server, reducing the load on the primary SQL server so it can respond faster, and handle more load.
  • Depending on whether the replication is being used for server load balancing in low latency environments (synchronous) or for increasing performance in high latency environments (asynchronous), the administrator can be defined Database replication schemes.


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